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OMAX is proud of the services we provide our patients and honored by the referrals and testimonials we receive from them.         

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It’s What We Know

Over the years, Dr. Skinner has cared for thousands of patients. The services provided include: removal of wisdom teeth and dental extractions, placement of dental implants, diagnosis and treatment of TMJ dysfunction and facial pain, corrective jaw surgery and facial trauma and other procedures vital to their well-being.

And It’s Who We Know

The patients in these videos appreciate the expertise and care they received from Dr. Skinner and the OMAX patient care team. We hope these testimonial videos will help you feel even more comfortable about having your own oral and maxillofacial treatment performed by OMAX or will increase your confidence in referring a patient to our practice.

Share Your Story

If you would like to share your own experience with Dr. Skinner and the OMAX team, give us a call at 509.928.3600 or email us at your thoughts. We would love to include you in our testimonial gallery.

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