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TMJ Disorders

What causes TMJ?

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, also known as TMJ dysfunction or TMD, can be caused by problems with the jaw joint or the muscles that move the jaw. These disorders of the jaw joint can occur for multiple reasons including clenching or grinding your teeth, trauma or systemic disease.  The resulting injury and inflammation can damage not only the temporomandibular joint itself but also the soft tissue surrounding it.  Many times the disc or cartilage that acts as a "cushion" within the joint becomes displaced resulting in clicking, popping, pain, and limited opening.

How we can help

Our practice has treated TMJ dysfunction for over 30 years and actively participates in research to advance surgical and non-surgical treatment of this difficult condition. With our conservative management protocol, the vast majority of our patients experience significant relief from pain and demonstrate improved function without surgery. Surgery is recommended for a small percentage of our patients when repair or replacement of the TMJ is indicated.